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Case of the Quarter

Benji a 20 year old Jamaican Black Billed Parrot was presented for a large tumour on his left wing. The tumour had been steadily growing over past several weeks and had become so heavy that it was weighing his wing down. The decision was made to remove the tumour surgically. This was accomplished by placing Benji carefully under gas anesthesia, excising the tumour then suturing the wound closed. A bandage was also placed to prevent Benji from removing his sutures prematurely. Two weeks later his sutures were removed and his owners reported that he was back to his usual feisty self.

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Over 28 Years of Quality Pet Care

When Squealer was just two months old, her hip was broken when she got trapped under the wheel of the car.

Dr. Josephs expertly pinned her fractured bones together; she did rehab under my watchful eye, and she did phenomenally well.

Today Squealer is almost six years old, and there is no deficit, no limp, just a faint surgical scar that reminds me which leg was broken. Dr. Josephs is my number one choice when it comes to treating Squealer or any one of my six dogs. Noah’s Ark Rules!

Susan F

Meet Pia Williams… Pia is my darling 7-year-old teacup poodle. She gave birth to a litter of four beautiful puppies six years ago.

To prevent in-breeding, I had to attempt to get the whole family ‘fixed.’ Her routine pre-operative blood work showed that she had a significant renal impairment. As such we were unable to spay her. She remained relatively well until January of this year when she went into severe renal failure, and we almost lost her.

At the time, I was devastated… to put it mildly!! Nevertheless… Dr Josephs presented a protocol of treatment to me and we began. I must admit that much of it was foreign to me because I was not familiar with the approach to this type of illness in dogs. Subcutaneous fluid was brand new to me!!!!! When I was told that if I did not persist aggressively with this treatment…I would lose her…I was sceptical and, with encouragement from my colleagues, attempted a two-day ‘therapeutic trial’ of no intravenous or subcutaneous fluid.

It failed miserably!!!… and once again I nearly lost my honey. I have since learnt that this is not an option. My honey is alive and most time very well to this day…eight months later!!!! The most beautiful part of this story is that Pia has found a ‘home’ away from home!!!!! She has the most wonderful doctors that anyone could ever desire. Also, she has acquired some brand new ‘aunties’ and ‘uncles’ that love her dearly and treat her so very special … it is awesome!! She goes every day for her fluid … yes… everyday!! Including Sundays and public holidays. It touches my heart every single time when I drop her off … and loving arms are always waiting to take her. We both would like to thank the entire staff of Noah’s Ark for allowing Pia and myself extra time to share our love. God bless you all.

Elaine W

We have been associated with Noah’s Ark from its inception. It was fate that led us to the Ark with our first German Shepherd, Ruger

Doc Joe has not only offered great service but has also served as a counsellor, emotional support, and friend. The Noah’s Ark team has been there for our three shepherds, Ruger, Hansa, and Bruhl, now all in doggie heaven.

Each experience was made a little easier to handle with the professional, compassionate and excellent service of the team. We were kept abreast every step of the way for the many successful operations and nursing back to good health and handling the transition and loss of our family members.

We have been blessed with the most precious gift of the Ark’s namesake Noah, our five-year-old Pomeranian mix, who also has had his fair share of misfortunes. Again with the assistance of the Noah’s Ark family, Noah was brought from death’s door to a full recovery when he was severely attacked by the neighbor’s dog. We feel privileged to be a part of the Ark and a member of the Noah’s Ark family.

Kevin and Debbie L