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The Best Veterinary Services in Jamaica

Experienced Surgeons

When your pet needs a surgical solution, our team has the experience to handle it.

From routine procedures such as spays and neutering to more complicated orthopedic and ophthalmic procedures, our senior surgeon has seen over twenty-five years in the theatre. Anesthetic safety is a concern for most clients; to this end we carefully monitor surgical patients’ vital signs before, during and after anesthesia. Patient pain management postoperatively is also important to aid full recovery. Our team always uses appropriate pain medications and is conscious of any signs of discomfort.


Cryosurgery is the use of extremely cold temperatures to treat diseased tissue.

Using the freezing pen, our surgeon can accurately apply a jet-stream of liquid nitrous oxide to the tissue to be treated. It is an invaluable tool for removal of misdirected hairs around the eyes of dogs, which often causes chronic conjunctivitis and corneal ulcers. These misdirected hairs are especially common in Shi Tzus and Shi Tzu crosses which are among the most popular small breed dogs on the island. The CryoProbe can also be used to accurately remove small tumours from the skin.


Parvo Virus, Distemper, Hepatitis, and Leptospirosis are deadly diseases capable of killing your dog.

A proper vaccine regime against these infectious diseases for puppies starts at six weeks of age. Coupled with proper hygiene this will ensure that your puppies are well protected. Annual Booster Vaccines also ensure that your dog’s immune system is constantly stimulated to produce antibodies especially against the bacterial disease, Leptospirosis. After consultation, we tailor your pet’s vaccine protocol to address the challenges in your environment.

Tick-Borne Disease Prevention

Apart from their ability to consume large amounts of blood, ticks are efficient carriers of many life-threatening diseases.

Jamaica’s tropical climate is ideal for the rapid expansion of ticks. After consultation, our doctors will prescribe products for your pet and discuss environmental strategies for your home to ensure the best possible protection against tick-borne diseases.

Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm disease is a parasitic disease caused by a long thin worm transmitted by mosquitoes.

They live in the blood vessels and hearts of dogs and cats. This disease can be deadly. Therefore, it is important to prevent the worm’s development by using a safe and effective drug. We offer a variety of convenient treatment options to protect your pet against this menace. To be effective, these preventative therapies have to be given consistently for life.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Blood pressure monitoring has become more important in recent years as hypertension has been linked to several diseases in dogs and cats.

During surgery, it is important to regularly check a patient’s blood pressure, as hypotension can sometimes occur secondary to anesthetic drugs. Our equipment allows us to check for either hyper or hypotension. The doctors and nurses can then adjust therapy armed with this knowledge.


Part of total pet health care involves caring for their teeth.

Plaque builds up on your pet’s teeth and if left unchecked could lead to gingivitis and ultimately Periodontal Disease, which can in turn lead to severe kidney and heart failure. Our team performs dental cleaning with our ultrasonic dental machine that quickly and efficiently removes plaque and tartar from teeth. When tooth decay is far advanced, and extraction is the only option, we can gently remove the affected teeth. We also sell a wide variety of oral hygiene products that are suitable for your pet’s dental needs.


X-rays are an essential part of our team’s ability to see what is occurring inside a patient’s body.

We use state-of-the-art veterinary digital x-ray technology. Unlike traditional film x-rays, digital x-rays lead to a faster and more accurate diagnosis because they are more detailed and are of higher quality. Digital x-rays are easier to take than film x-rays, which means less time and stress on the x-ray table for your pet. They can also be easily incorporated into your pet’s medical record or e-mailed to a referring doctor.


Endoscopy uses a flexible fiber-optic tube with a light source to see the inside the gastrointestinal tract.

The visualization and biopsy of the inside of the esophagus, stomach and intestines will often help clarify the cause of vomiting and or diarrhea. It can also be used to retrieve objects from the esophagus or stomach that may have been inadvertently swallowed by your pet.

Digital Microcopy

We have the latest technology that allows the capture of microscopic images.

The diagnosis and resolution of many diseases can only be followed at the microscopic level. Capturing these images and making them an easily accessible part of your pet’s medical record improves the doctor’s ability to monitor their response to therapy.

Digital Tonometry

Glaucoma is a problem occurring in many patients that present with red, inflamed eyes.

The detection of glaucoma in animals can be particularly difficult as many will not tolerate the older type measuring devices that may irritate the eyes. Our digital tono-pen allows for minimal contact time with the cornea, and produces an accurate reading instantly, thereby reducing the stress to pets when attempting to rule out glaucoma. It is also invaluable in monitoring response to glaucoma therapy.

In-house Lab

Our state-of-the-art lab provides a no hassle, minimum wait time for your pet’s blood results.

We do routine blood work that includes hematology to screen for abnormalities in the blood count, and blood chemistries to assess organ function. We also have a range of Elisa tests that can quickly detect diseases such as Heartworm, Parvovirus, and Tick fever in dogs and feline immune deficiency in cats. Our overseas lab partners ensure we can efficiently run more complicated investigations such as Allergy and Polymerase Chain Reaction tests.

Grooming and Boarding

Need your pet to be pampered or just get a bath?

Our groomers have many years of experience in cutting and styling pets’ hair. Medicated baths, de-ticking, and pedicures are just some of the grooming services offered at Noah’s Ark. We make your pets look snazzy and ready to take that glamour shot.

House Calls & Pick-ups

Noah’s Ark Veterinary Centre can provide personalized and compassionate medical care and consultations for your pets in the comfort, convenience, and stress-free environment of your home.

Our mobile services are ideal for households where pets become anxious leaving the home, or if you have multiple pets, don’t have the required transportation, or desire a more private, peaceful, comfortable, at home euthanasia. For a fee, our pet cab service will also come out and pick up your pet and take them back to our centre for treatment if you are not able to transport them yourself.

Our Retail Store

Like humans, our pets require stimulation, excellent skincare, and a balanced diet.

Our retail store “The Pet Lifeboat” is stocked with a wide variety of interactive toys, leashes and collars as well as a range of grooming and maintenance products. We take our patients’ health and well-being very seriously: our high-quality diets are formulated for every stage of development and to meet the demanding physical needs of your pets.

Emergency Services

Great anxiety occurs when your pet becomes sick or injured, especially after regular clinic hours.

We stand ready with the knowledge, equipment, and skills to handle the most complicated and demanding emergencies during and after clinic hours. You can trust our team to offer fast, comprehensive, and compassionate care. Our emergency services extend not only to our clients but also the wider public. After hours simply call our emergency number before 10pm and a doctor will be on call.

Noah’s Ark Veterinary Centre is a full-service animal hospital. We provide in-house surgeries, a full range of diagnostic laboratory services, and a complete pet pharmacy. The centre includes a modern veterinary surgical unit, radiology area, ultrasound, on-site laboratory, full boarding facilities for dogs and cats and a bathing and grooming department. Our entire staff is committed to the health and well-being of your pet. We know your pets are integral members of your family, and we’ll treat them as if they were part of ours. 

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