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Dr. JosephsDr. John Josephs
Dr Josephs had a keen interest in the natural world and animals in particular from an early age. His first veterinary mentor was Dr Bob Nicol who was employed to the JSPCA during the 1970s-80s. As a young teenager during school breaks he worked with Dr Nicol observing first-hand many of the challenging cases veterinarians faced day-to-day.

From 1981 to 1988 he attended Tuskegee University in the United States. He began in the Animal Sciences program and was later accepted into the School of Veterinary Medicine. Upon graduation he returned to Jamaica and worked as the Veterinary Officer for the parish of St Mary. During the evenings he worked as a relief veterinarian at Phoenix Veterinary Clinic in Kingston.

In 1990, he joined Phoenix Veterinary Clinic full time. For the next fifteen years he helped build this practice, as a key member of the management team. He also carried much of the surgical load. In 2002 an opportunity arose to start his own practice, and Noah's Ark Veterinary Centre became a reality later that same year. Dr Josephs has spent the past ten years building a team of professionals whose primary focus is to find ways to improve patient care and the client experience.

Dr Josephs holds Veterinary licensure in Jamaica and the U.S.A. He believes that continuing education is a fundamental tenet of responsible practice. To this end he regularly attends seminars both locally and abroad.

John is the middle child of four siblings Richard, David, Paul and Suzanne. In 2006 he is married Janine who plays an important role as Marketing Director. They have two Yorkshire Terriers, "Taz" and "Angelita".

Simone CasserlySimone Casserly
Simone started her journey in the veterinary field in 1990 when she was employed as a receptionist at Phoenix Veterinary Clinic in Kingston. It was not hard for her to adapt to this environment as she grew up with a wide variety of animals. Through her hard work and dedication she was ultimately promoted to Senior Receptionist.

In December 2002, she was asked to join the Noah's Ark family as a Receptionist and Inventory Manager. In September 2003 she was promoted to the position of Practice Manager. This is a critical role which relieves our doctors of many management responsibilities, allowing them to focus on patient care.

Simone has attended management courses both locally and overseas and is currently the longest serving member of staff. When she is not at Noah's Ark, she can be found working out at the gym or taking care of her family which includes four dogs and a cat.

R. MalcolmRoxanne Malcolm
Roxanne joined our team in May 2010 as an Administrative Assistant, with over seven years experience in customer service. Shortly thereafter, she was given the additional responsibility of Inventory Manager.

Every client interaction begins with a smile as she anticipates a frantic wag or friendly meow from our patients. Roxanne loves touching their paws and bellies as playing with animals awakens her 'inner child.' In her spare time, Roxanne spends hours frolicking with her Shih Tzu mix puppy named Pebbles. She also maintains Noah’s Ark Facebook page, conversing with our tech savvy online community.

Roxanne is currently a student at the University College of the Caribbean and our clients can only benefit from her steadily growing knowledge of marketing and customer relationship management.

Roxanne has a truly vibrant personality and genuine love for her role at Noah's Ark.

M. McFarlaneMelesia McFarlane
Melesia McFarlane joined the Noah's Ark family in 2010. Prior to this she was a member of the Air Jamaica Customer Service Team (2001-2010), where she upheld the values of professionalism, grace under pressure, and efficiency.

She endeavors to go above and beyond the call of duty by following up meticulously with clients and patients e.g. reminding them when heartworm medication is due. She is the devoted owner of six large mixed breed dogs named Spots, Speckles, Spike, Apple, Cojoe and Frodo. She has a pleasant and friendly style and is empathic towards fellow animal lovers. In her spare time Melesia enjoys reading and watching television.

Veterinary techniciansOur Veterinary Technicians
(Extreme left – Akin, Krishena, Clifford, Arlene, Steve, Extreme right - Christopher)

Akin - "The best things in life are furry."

Krishena - "I like working with animals because they don't judge you or argue with you. There is a feeling of satisfaction if you manage to protect, care for or save an animal's life."

Clifford - "When animals are hurt, sometimes they cannot help themselves to get better. So I help them in those instances."

Arlene - "Their eyes are mirrors to their soul; they express their gratitude in a manner which warms the heart."

Steve - "Animals are like angels sent to teach us how to love. They don't get angry or play silly games; and they are always there for us. These are the reasons I like working with and helping animals."

Christopher - "The ability to be empathic towards animals is a great feeling as most, if not all, have different personalities. Fortunately I get to work around them every day. Basically animals have no voice and being a veterinary technician enables me to be their personal caregiver, advocate and voice."

Our dog groomersOur Groomers
Our husband and wife grooming team have the skills and experience to make your pet look and feel great. Of course they can do the basics such as bathing, trimming toenails and ridding your pet of external parasites; but they also have the expertise to identify dermatological abnormalities and skin conditions which need to be evaluated by a veterinarian. Dawn and Steve are more than happy to meet your special requests and to make suggestions for that super stylish cut if you are having a bad decision day!

Dawn Davis

Dawn began working with animals in 1988 at Phoenix Veterinary Clinic where she was employed as a Hospital Supervisor/Veterinary Technician. She started her grooming career in 1990 and in 1991 she established The Pet Palace, a popular grooming salon that operated on the grounds of the JSPCA. In 2005 she joined the Noah's Ark Team where her husband Steve was already a groomer.

Marlon (Steve) Davis

Steve, as he is affectionately called, started his veterinary career in 1975 when he worked at the JSPCA as a Veterinary Technician. His love for animals led him to various animal clinics and a security company where he worked as the Canine Department Manager.

In 1994 he joined his wife Dawn at the Pet Palace working as a groomer. Nine years later, in 2003 he became a part of the Noah's Ark Team.

Dawn and Steve have three children Rhonda, Marlon and Steven.

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